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Raymond Cousins

Name: Raymond Cousins
Volunteer Role: Chapter Advance Team
Affiliation: Alpha Sigma Phi
Chapter and Initiation: Marshall '11 (Beta Delta)
Education: B.B.A. International Business
  M.S. Healthcare Administration
Hometown: Gallipolis, Ohio
Undergraduate Position: Treasurer




What is the most rewarding part of volunteering for Alpha Sigma Phi?

The most rewarding part of volunteering for Alpha Sigma Phi was still being able to be a part of the Fraternity that I enjoy being a member. I enjoyed being able to share the knowledge of the Fraternity that I have learned in my position as Treasurer as well as being acclimated with the entire operations of Alpha Sigma Phi.

How does your service benefit the undergraduates of the Fraternity? 

My service benefits the undergraduates of the Fraternity by giving them lessons on the experiences I have had with the Fraternity. This also gives me an opportunity to express lessons I have learned AFTER being active and expressing what I could have done better that could have made a difference.

What advice would you give to an alumnus or parent who is interested in volunteering?

I would let them know to get involved as much as possible. You never know how much you can impact a group until you have been a part of the process. It is very rewarding and it reminds you why you joined Alpha Sigma Phi.

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