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Recruitment Combine

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About the Recruitment Combine

The Recruitment Combine is an innovative program occurring in January that is designed for developing leadership skills for Recruitment Directors and other members of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. At least three members from invited chapters/provisional chapters must attend the program. Chapters and provisional chapters will be selected to attend the program based on their recent recruitment performances. Attendance is mandatory for the Recruitment Director and two other members of selected chapters/provisional chapters; no substitutions or proxies are permitted. Selected chapters/provisional chapters will be announced by October 1, 2016. The date for the President’s Academy is January 20 – 22, 2017.

The program is about learning how to be the best at your position and building brotherhood. We aim to provide relevant and engaging sessions. Each member in attendance will participate in training designed to benefit their ability to recruit for their chapter/provisional chapter. This is not your traditional lecture session; most sessions are interactive and discussion based allowing participants to be involved and engaged. Brotherhood events are scheduled in the evening for you to meet and learn from members of other chapters and provisional chapters as well as build brotherhood.

Alpha Sigma Phi is one of the few international fraternities that provides a weekend-long opportunity to train officers. Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity is the only international fraternity to offer this type of program with no registration cost and minimal transportation costs (if registered by the deadline).

The Recruitment Combine provides our men the opportunity to develop position-based skills they can use when they return to their campuses to create positive change for their chapters/provisional chapters and fraternity and sorority communities. The Recruitment Combine provides participants with the skills and training necessary for them to not only successfully meet the duties of their position, but to excel beyond them.

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