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Regional Alumni Ambassadors


The purpose behind the Regional Alumni Ambassador program is to help foster the continuation of perpetuating brotherhood throughout the country. Whether you’re interested in creating new friendships, networking with like-minded professionals, or helping with adjusting to a new city – the Regional Alumni Ambassador in your area can assist. To connect with the Regional Alumni Ambassador in your area, click the closest city to you below to join the Facebook group or email

Interested in joining a Regional Alumni Group? Click the city closest to you below:  

1. Atlanta, GA
2. Austin, TX
3. Baltimore, MD
4. Boston, MA
5. Charlotte, NC
6. Chicago, IL
7. Cleveland, OH 
8. Cincinnati, OH
9. Columbus, OH
10. Detroit, MI
11. Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
12. Denver, CO
13. Houston, TX
14. Indianapolis, IN
15. Jacksonville, FL
16. Kansas City, MO
17. Las Vegas, NV
18. Los Angeles, CA
19. Louisville, KY
20. Miami, FL
21. Milwaukee, WI
22. Minneapolis, MN
23. Nashville, TN
24. New Orleans, LA
25. New York City, NY
26. Oklahoma City, OK
27. Orlando, FL
28. Philadelphia, PA
29. Phoenix, AZ
30. Pittsburgh, PA
31. Portland, OR
32. Raleigh, NC
33. Sacramento, CA
34. San Antonio, TX
35. San Diego, CA
36. San Francisco, CA
37. San Jose, CA
38. Seattle, WA
39. St. Louis, MO
40. Tampa, FL
41. Toledo, OH
42. Washington D.C. 

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