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Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Delta Lambda Chapter

Richard Stockton State College
Founded: December 8, 1984
Status: Inactive


Individual Awards

Delta Beta Xi
Luckenbill, John H. '84 [1988]

Chapter History

Richard Stockton State College opened in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1971. In 12 years, enrollment grew to over 5,000 and the campus relocated to Pomona, New Jersey.

Beta Theta was formed in November of 1982. By fall 1983, the organization had 12 brothers and six new members. Contact with Alpha Sigma Phi Director of Expansion Jeff Schwind, Toledo '75, led to recognition of the Beta Theta group as an interest group. The group was officially recognized as Phi Gamma Colony of Alpha Sigma Phi in ceremonies at Stockton State College on October 26, 1983. Grand Junior President Evin Varner, Presbyterian '58, presented the colonization certificate. "The Phoenix in the Pines" was the colony newsletter. 

The Chapter was installed on December 8, 1984. Bob Super, Stockton '84, was the Founding President. John Luckenbill, Stockton '84, was the Chapter's first Grand Chapter Advisor, served as Grand Province Chief and received the Delta Beta Xi Award.

On October 30, 1993, the Chapter committed an FIPG violation involving kegs, underage drinking, illegal sale of alcohol and acts of sexual harassment by members. Charter revocation procedures commenced in May of 1994. The College concurred in the action. The charter was suspended on December 7, 1993, and in violation of the terms of suspension on February 23, 1994, the Chapter conducted an underground initiation ceremony with the knowledge of Chapter President Derek Van Dam. 

The charter was revoked and official chapter operations ceased on June 25, 1994. Delta Lambda owed Alpha Sigma Phi $6,275.20 at closing. Rumors abounded of an Alpha Sigma Local Fraternity operating since June 1994, when the Alpha Sigma Phi charter was revoked. Delta Lambda Alumni were advised that local activities by former members of Alpha Sigma Phi jeopardized any chances of Alpha Sigma Phi's re-entry to Richard Stockton College. The Chapter initiated 172 men through April 1993. There have been ongoing contacts with the University and Delta Lambda Alumni exploring revival possibilities

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