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Our Rituals are for Life

They challenge us to lead a more purposeful life. They challenge us throughout life to Better the Man. We take our oaths for a lifetime and should use what we learn within the Fraternity to guide us for a lifetime.  A man's oath is his bond.

There are some special ceremonies that can be shared with those outside of the Mystic Circle, such as the Wedding Service. While they are exoteric, or non-secret, they are based soundly on the ideals, traditions, and symbols of Alpha Sigma Phi. If you wish to perform the Wedding Service, a certificate from Fraternity Headquarters can be sent to you upon request.

Use of these ceremonies allows us to give non-Alpha Sigs some insight into the high purposes of our Fraternity. And they reaffirm the joy of brotherhood in all aspects of our lives...they enrich our fraternal experience and they serve to renew the vows and dedication of all members of all ages. Although some of the ceremonies will be available to the general public, most scenarios will only include invited guests, parents, partners, friends, faculty, neighbors, and others of the chapter's extended family.

Do not remove pages from the Ritual Book for use in public. Chapters have been instructed to not release Ritual Books to any member for the purpose of conducting any of the Rituals for Life (e.g. the wedding ceremony) who is not a current undergraduate member. If ritual books are used for any public ceremonies, guard them well. Under no circumstances should anyone copy an esoteric ceremony.

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