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Ritual Equipment

Ritual Equipment

Order Materials to Conduct Initiation and Ritual for Life Ceremonies

As a Fraternity, conducting our ritual ceremonies well is an important tradition within our fraternity and thus our chapters must have the right materials and equipment to conduct our ceremonies properly. Our Ritual Book provides a detailed list of equipment needed for each ceremony that should be reviewed at least three to four weeks prior to the ceremony. This will ensure that proper planning and care has been given to making sure that your chapter has everything they need to conduct the ceremony properly.

Most of the equipment needed for our ritual ceremonies can be found at a local department store. Some materials may need to be purchased from a fabric store.

The Fraternity does offer those items not typically sold in a store through the Fraternity Store. These materials include printed cards needed for certain ceremonies, ceremonial robes, and other esoteric materials. To order these materials, one should contact Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters. Printed materials can be ordered directly through Fraternity Headquarters.

Materials ordered typically take 5-7 business days to arrive.

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