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Grand Council

Grand Council

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The governing body of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity is the Grand Council (aka the Fraternity's Board of Directors). It consists of nine alumni members elected at Grand Chapters to serve one four-year term and three undergraduate members appointed for one-year terms. Those alumni of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity who wish to serve as a member of the Grand Council should be nominated and self-nominations are permitted.

The Grand Council of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity provides leadership and strategic planning to the fraternity. Service on the Grand Council is an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the leadership and direction of the Fraternity. Strong candidates for alumni positions on the Grand Council will have:

  • Effective experience in leadership of a business, professional practice, or non-profit institution or organization.
  • Firm comprehension of the Strategic Vision.
  • Strong commitment to and desire to serve Alpha Sigma Phi on a national level.
  • Ability to enter into a commitment to provide the time, skills, leadership, and resources to serve on the Grand Council for a minimum four-year term.

Time requirements include: learning the policies of the Fraternity and Grand Council; time and resources to travel to two or three annual face-to-face meetings (Friday evening - Sunday morning duration at various sites throughout the country; this includes paying for transportation costs); availability to participate in monthly telephone conference call meetings of the Grand Council (1 hour each, 9-10 times per year); time to complete committee assignments on the Council; time to attend chapter, provisional chapter, or alumni association activities at least once a year; ability to forward inquiries and communications from members and others concerning the Fraternity.

Skills essential to successful service on the Grand Council are the abilities to work toward collaborative decisions on issues, policies, and the plans for the Fraternity; to support and carry out the decisions of the Council wholeheartedly and with a single voice; and to work with undergraduate and alumni brothers in Alpha Sigma Phi. Skills that are likely to contribute to effectiveness on the Grand Council include: awareness of current issues affecting operation of fraternity chapters, as well as attitudes, directions, and challenges facing university campuses with respect to student life and fraternities; business or professional experience in accounting, risk management, leadership development, strategic planning, fundraising, non-profit organization operations, jurisprudence, or educational management.

Leadership in support for the Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation's fundraising efforts is expected, as is willingness to be a highly visible role model and advocate of fraternal policies and programs.

Resources necessary to fulfill Grand Council member responsibilities include transportation to and from meetings and annual contributions to the Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation or Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity.


Grand Council members, individually and collectively, provide the link between the tangible organization and its membership. The Grand Council operates under the Policy Governance Model promoted by John Carver and Miriam Mayhew Carver that was adopted by Alpha Sigma Phi in 2001. Under this governance model, the Board monitors and assures adequate performance by the CEO. All direction to the CEO is by Board resolution, with guidance between board meetings and conference calls provided by the GSP or his designee. Grand Council members, individually, do not exercise authority over members of the staff and shall refrain from public comment or judgment of staff performance. The Grand Council is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the Fraternity nor on the tactics used to achieve the Ends. Under this governance model, members of the Grand Council participate in and submit to annual peer performance evaluations by fellow members of the Grand Council as part of their service to the Fraternity.

If you would like more information about the Grand Council or would like to express an interest in serving on the Grand Council, please send an email to You are also encouraged to visit the Governing Documents portion of this website for access to the National Constitution and Bylaws and Grand Council Policy Manual for more information. Nominations are due by March 15 in years when there is a Grand Chapter.

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