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The Tomahawk (ISSN #0741-5435 Print and ISSN #1931-9606 Online) is the oldest college fraternity publication. It first appeared in November 1847 at Yale University and continued until the university suspended it in 1852. Since its revival in April 1909, it has been continuously published. To keep up with the technological times, Alpha Sigma Phi decided that it would start releasing digital version of The Tomahawk Magazine. In the fall of 2012, the first ever digital edition of the magazine was issued

The following are PDF or online versions of the Fraternity's Tomahawk magazine. Typically, the magazine is distributed twice per academic year. To date, the Fraternity has only made the following magazines available online. If you are looking for an edition of the magazine that was published prior to fall 2002, Fraternity Headquarters does have a copy in its archives. You can send an email to for more information about past issues.

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