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UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley Endowment

Established: Unavailable

Official Name: University of California - Berkeley Chapter Endowment

Benefactor: University of California - Berkeley (Nu)

Permanently Restricted Endowment Corpus: $57,706.00 (12/31/19)

Spendable Balance: $4,954.97 (12/31/19)

Statements: 2018 Annual Statement

History of Endowment
This endowment was created to benefit members of the Nu Chapter at the University of California at Berkeley.

Criteria Restrictions
The Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation reviews each endowment fund annually and makes available a percentage of the fair market value of the Fund's assets to be distributed during the subsequent year, which is presently four and one-half percent (4.5%) of the rolling five-year average of the market value of the endowment at the end of the previous fiscal year. Every gift designated to benefit a chapter will be allocated in the following manner: 70% Temporary Chapter Fund, 20% Permanent Chapter Endowment and 10% Fund for Alpha Sigma Phi.

Endowment Restrictions
Annual funds are to be distributed either (1) for educational purposes and requested by agreement of the chapter HSP and GCA and approved by the Foundation directors, CEO or their delegate; or (2) if there is no agreed, appropriate request, or if the GCA position is vacant, 50% of the spendable balance is to be awarded to the undergraduate initiate who has completed 50%-70% of units or credit hours required for graduation with the highest GPA in the current semester.  The remaining 50% is given to the undergraduate who has met the same qualifications above in the most recent two semesters; next highest member, if the same person.

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