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Undergraduate Scholar of the Year

Undergraduate Scholarship 

First awarded in 1956, this award is the most prestigious scholarship the Fraternity bestows. Its recipient is always an undergraduate brother with an impeccable academic record, noted service to the community and Fraternity, and positions of distinction within his chapter.

2016 Undergraduate Scholar of the Year Recipient

Name: David L. Scarberry
Chapter Designation: Beta Rho
College and Initiation: Toledo '13
Roster Number: 1411
Undergraduate Offices:
President, Treasurer, Fundraising Director


Past Undergraduate Scholar of the Year Award Recipients 

2015: Evan P. Johnson, South Florida '13
2014: Connor Davis, Central Michigan ’12
2013: Benjamin Ayzenberg, Seton Hall ’12
2012: Joshua A. Pawley, Colorado State ’11
2011: Dave M. Zutter, Michigan ’10

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