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University of Cincinnati

Beta Sigma Chapter

University of Cincinnati
Founded: June 12, 1937 Re-chartered: April 12, 2013
Status: Active
Ideal Chapter Size: 65


Chapter Awards

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup - [2018, 2014]

Individual Awards

Delta Beta Xi
Riehl, George A. '48 [1968]

Chapter History

The University of Cincinnati was the first municipal university in the United States. It originated as Cincinnati College and the Medical College of Ohio in 1819, and incorporated as the University of Cincinnati in 1870. A co-operative education system emphasizing internships was established in 1906.

Kappa Alpha Chi was organized in 1925. In 1927 it was chartered as Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Delta Rho.  By 1930 the chapter had a 17 room house and in the early 1930's, initiated 26 men in one year. By 1933 the depression forced a move to smaller quarters, and at one point the chapter reached a low point with three members in school. In 1935 Sigma Delta Rho released its chapters. In June 1937, the fraternity's petition for charter was accepted by Alpha Kappa Pi and it became Alpha Epsilon of that fraternity. The chapter had 12 undergraduate brothers and four new members at the time of its chartering by Alpha Kappa Pi, and usually had a very small membership after that time.

In 1946 the designation was changed to Beta Sigma of Alpha Sigma Phi. The chapter house after World War II was at 314 Calhoun Street. The chapter moved to a house at 136 Wentworth Avenue in November 1959.  The co-operative education system made continuity of operations, development and consistency of leadership, and recruitment planning difficult. This was compounded by a tradition of small membership in the undergraduate chapter. The charter was revoked on August 19, 1981. The chapter initiated 275 members. "Sig Bits" was the chapter newsletter. The chapter won Scholastic Improvement Award for 1966-67 and 1958-59. George A. Riehl, Cincinnati '48 received the Delta Beta Xi Award.

In the spring of 2011, staff member Ryan Bakita, Miami University '06 and Fresno State '13 traveled to campus to recruit members for a re-start of Beta Sigma Chapter after Nathan Fliger, Akron '07 had contacted Alpha Sigma Phi Headquarters informing them he transferred to the University of Cincinnati and had an interest group formed. 11 men went through the initial pledge ceremony, and on May 21, 2011 17 men were initiated.

The group struggled for nearly a year without full support from the campus, and lack of brotherhood put extra strain on their efforts. The men persisted; they made extra efforts to become more recognizable on campus, attended national leadership conferences, and worked with staff members to set up strategic plans for their future. After two strong recruiting classes in the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2013, Beta Sigma Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi was officially re-chartered on April 12, 2013. Grand Councilor Rodney Rusk, Central Michigan '93 and Fraternity staff member Ryan Bakita, Miami University '06 and Fresno State '13 presented the charter and insignia.

The Beta Sigma Chapter was placed on an interim suspension during the fall of 2015 due to violations of the University of Cincinnati Student Organization Code of Conduct

Following the Beta Sigma Chapter’s suspension in the fall of 2015, Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity re-started the Chapter in the fall of 2016.  Coordinator of Expansion and Growth Joe Nelson, Illinois State ’12 recruited 60 new men during the initial expansion. After the very successful expansion, 63 new members were initiated in Swift Hall on the campus of the University of Cincinnati on November 4, 2016.  Fraternity staff member Adam Stahon, Westminster ’12, and Grand Chapter Advisor Tyler Gau, Miami ’11 led the ceremony. They were assisted by representatives from the Eta Psi Chapter at Wright State and Alumni from the Beta Sigma Chapter.

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