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University of Findlay

Gamma Pi Chapter

 University of Findlay
 Founded: December 12, 1964 Re-chartered: March 29, 1992
 Status: Inactive


Chapter Awards

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup - [2011]

Individual Awards

Delta Beta Xi
Kocher, Theodore R. '92 [2003]
Taber, David W. '64 [1996]
Thoma, Robert J. '66 [1992]

Chapter History

Findlay College was established in 1882 by the City of Findlay and the Churches of God.  Alpha Kappa Omicron was established in October 1961. It had a chapter house at 1212 North Main Street which accommodated 17 men. In 1964 the group petitioned Alpha Sigma Phi for a charter, and on December 12, 1964, the group was installed as Gamma Pi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi. Members of Beta Rho Chapter presented the initial initiation, and Grand Province Chief Alfred Wise, Baldwin Wallace '43, presented the charter to the chapter's first President, George W. Bayer, Findlay '64. Past Grand Senior President Lloyd Cochran, Penn '20, was the keynote speaker at the installation banquet. The chapter had a house at 805 N. Cory Street, Findlay. Gamma Pi Chapter closed in 1984 due to low membership. The chapter roll for 1964-84 contained 180 names.

In November 1990 an interest group formed under the leadership of Ted Kocher, Findlay '92. Bob Thoma, Findlay '66, and Randy Van Dyne, Ohio Northern '72, served as advisors to the group. Colonization was conferred on December 6, 1990. In May 1991, Colony President Ted Kocher announced that the colony secured housing for the 1991-92 academic year. Bob Thoma and GCA Randy Van Dyne were alumni advisors to the colony. The colony grew to the 25 members, and its grade point average in the Spring of 1991 (2.76 cumulatively) was the highest among active groups, and the highest ever for a fraternity. The interest group became Gamma Pi Colony in ceremonies at the Alumni Memorial Union on November 24, 1991. John Chaney, Indiana '67, Executive Vice President of Alpha Sigma Phi, and Jeff Owens, Illinois '87, Director of Chapter Services presented the colonization certificate; Grand Secretary Robert Cabello, Eastern Michigan '70, and Grand Councilor Kevin Garvey, Westminster '75, attended.

On January 8, 1992, the colony recruited eight men bringing its membership to 35, second largest on the Findlay campus. With full support of the campus authorities, authorization to charter was obtained. Gamma Pi Chapter was re-installed in ceremonies at the Alumni Memorial Union on March 29, 1992. Grand Secretary Robert Cabello, Eastern Michigan '70, Executive Vice President John Chaney, Indiana '67, and Director of Chapter Services Jeff Owens, Illinois '87, made the installation; Jason Spaide was master of ceremonies. Shortly after installation, Chapter President Ted Kocher turned the gavel over to newly elected President Barry Alspach, another of the seven initial interest group members.

The chapter won the Alpha Gamma upsilon Bronze Cup in 2011. The Gamma Pi Flyer is the chapter newsletter. The chapter house is located at 336 Howard Street, Findlay, Ohio.

Ted Kocher, Findlay '92, served as chapter consultant and Director of Alumni Services for Alpha Sigma Phi and as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Alpha Sigma Phi Foundation.

The Chapter closed in fall of 2013 due to low membership.

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