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University of Rio Grande

Delta Epsilon Chapter

University of Rio Grande
Founded: April 21, 1972
Status: Inactive

Chapter Awards

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup - [1992]
Grand Senior President's Cup - [1980, 1974]

Individual Awards

Evin Varner Distinguished Service
Williams, Mark A. '79 [2005]

Delta Beta Xi
Copley, J. Scott '92 [1996]
Honnold, Kevin J. '73 [1995]
Lewis, Jeffrey L. '77 [1991]
Reigle, Todd A. '88 [1998]
Williams, Mark A. '79 [1990]

Undergraduate Scholar of the Year
Thompson, Christopher N. '92 [1995]

Kleinoeder Graduate Scholar of the Year
Williams, Mark A. '79 [2009]

Chapter History

The University of Rio Grande was founded in 1876 and was supported by the Baptist Church until 1952.  More recently it has operated as a private university with a co-located publicly supported community college on the same campus.

Alpha Tau Delta was established in 1929. It was the pioneer fraternity on the campus. Under the guidance of Dr. Larry Spees, Ohio Wesleyan '57, the fraternity petitioned for a charter in Alpha Sigma Phi. The petition was granted and the Delta Epsilon Chapter was installed by Ralph F. Burns, Ohio Wesleyan '32, on campus on April 21, 1972. The charter is unusual in that it was signed by the chapter's charter members. Bob Beckett, Rio Grande '72, was the first president of the chapter. At chartering, the chapter had 49 mailable alumni from the classes of 1969 through 1971. George R. McKinnis, Rio Grande '73, led the drive to incorporate the Alumni Association. The chapter painted the outdoor basketball backboards (cardinal and stone) throughout the campus.The chapter newsletter is the "Sigo-gram".

Mark Williams, Rio Grande '79, received the Delta Beta Xi Award, served on the Grand Council, and received the Distinguished Service Award of Alpha Sigma Phi. Christopher Thompson, Rio Grande '92, was Alpha Sigma Phi Scholar of the Year in 1995. Jeff Lewis, Rio Grande '78, Kevin Honnold, Rio Grande '73, Scott Copley, Rio Grande '92, and Todd Reigle, Rio Grande '88 have also received the Delta Beta Xi Award.  The chapter won Grand Senior President's Awards for 1972-1974 and 1978-1980, the Service Award in 1974, and the Alpha Gamma Upsilon Award in 1992. Dr. Larry Spees, Ohio Wesleyan '60, was Grand Chapter Advisor to the chapter for 25 years, and received the Evin Varner Distinguished Service Award.

The Delta Epsilon Chapter was closed in April of 2017 due to low membership.

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