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Varner Distinguished Service Award

Outstanding Alumni Service to the Fraternity 

The Evin C. Varner, Jr. Distinguished Service Award is the Fraternity's highest award presented to a previous Delta Beta Xi recipient for sustained superior alumni service to the Fraternity, above and beyond Delta Beta Xi. Although potential criteria for the award is as varied as our brotherhood, general criteria include years of service, type of service, and significant achievements. The award was established as the Distinguished Service Award by the Grand Council in 1959.

Evin C. Varner, Jr., Presbyterian '58, Delta Beta Xi '76, was also initiated into the Beta Mu Chapter at Wake Forest University and the Beta Zeta Chapter at North Carolina State University. Varner assisted both groups as they worked to become chapters of the Fraternity.

He served the Fraternity as Editor of The Tomahawk, 1974-1985; Director of Publications, 1974-1985; creator, author, and editor of the Alpha Sigma Phi membership manual, To Better the Man, 1976; and Editor of the Ritual and Secret Works revision, 1983. Varner's service to the Fraternity was extensive. He was a member of the Grand Council, 1978-1985; Elected Grand Marshal, 1978; Grand Secretary, 1980; Grand Junior President, 1982; and Grand Senior President, 1984. In 1985, Varner was awarded the Distinguished Service Award the Fraternity's highest honor. Brother Varner entered into the Omega Chapter in 1985. In 1986, the Distinguished Service Award was re-named in honor of Evin C. Varner, Jr. at the 39th Grand Chapter in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

His contributions went far beyond Alpha Sigma Phi. He was the first Greek man to speak at the National Panhellenic Conference and worked with many sororities to help them improve their publications. Brother Varner served as the President of the College Fraternity Editors Association now called the Fraternity Communications Association (FCA) from 1982-1983. An award in his honor is given annually to the fraternity, sorority, professional, or honors society member who has worked over a period of years for the betterment of that community, especially in the area of communications. It is the highest award given by the FCA. Varner was the Award's first recipient in 1985.

Below is a complete list of the Evin C. Varner, Jr. Distinguished Service Award recipients.

2019 Varner Distinguished Service Recipient

Name: Tom Brown
Chapter and Initiation: Indiana '75
Alumni Positions: Foundation Director, Grand Councilor, CLVEN Director, Grand Treasurer, Gamma Chi House Corporation Treasurer

Past Varner Distinguished Service Award Recipients 

2018: Steve Zizzo, Illinois '84
2017: Tom Hinkley, Indiana '84
2016: Jeff Hoffman, Member-at-Large '76
2015: Michael Young, Murray State '94
2014: Richard Middlekauff, Oregon State '61
2013: Jonathan Burns, Member-at-Large '84
2013: W. Bruce Burns, Ohio State '63
2012: Robert C. Look, Lawrence Tech '74
2011: Daniel "Doc" Babb, Marshall '80
2010: G. Scott Grissom, Oklahoma '78
2009: Mark Still, Washington '75
2008: Robert Strecker, Washington '78
2007: Robert Riegg, Berkeley '58
2006: John Gibson, Indiana '85
2005: Mark Williams, Rio Grande '79
2004: Kevin Garvey, Westminster '75
2003: Robert Cabello, Eastern Michigan '70
2002: Richard Jackson, Ohio Wesleyan '50
2001: Thomas Wajnert, IIT '61
2000: Stan Thurston, Iowa State '66
1999: Dr. Edwin A. Rasberry Jr., Barton '58
1998: Dr. Larry Spees, Ohio Wesleyan '57
1997: Milton Morrison, Berkeley '37
1996: Dr. Otto Sonder, American '47
1995: Dr. John Blackburn, Missouri Valley '49
1994: Hon. Robert Kutz, Berkeley '67
1993: G. Alan Sternbergh, Westminster '48
1992: Robert Sandercox, Bethany '51
1988: Dr. Robert Miller, Connecticut '49
1986: Stan Miller, Purdue '64
1985: Evin Varner, Presbyterian '58
1984: Alfred Wise, Baldwin Wallace '43
1983: Richard Gibbs, Oklahoma '51
1982: Trusten Wadsworth, Berkeley 1917
1981: Richard Dexter, Oregon State '60
1980: Ralph Burns, Ohio Wesleyan '32
1979: Emmet Hayes, Stanford '31
1978: Stuart Anderson, Eastern Michigan '73
1977: George Trubow, Michigan '53
1976: Buford Byers, Purdue '49
1975: Herbert Dunham, Michigan 1917
1974: C. Russell Kramer, Rutgers '31
1973: Russell Hoverman, Pennsylvania '35
1972: W. Gardener Mason, Michigan 1917
1971: Raymond Glos, Illinois '22
1970: J. Louis Donnelly, Middlebury '25
1969: Waldemar Augustine, Berkeley '22
1968: Floyd Mosiman, Stanford 1917
1967: Dallas Donnan, Illinois '21
1966: Charles Akre, Iowa '28
1965: Frank Hargear, Berkeley 1918
1964: Frank Krebs, Mount Union '29
1963: Donald Hornberger, Ohio Wesleyan '25
1962: Dr. Wilbur Cramblet, Yale 1912
1961: Lloyd Cochran, Pennsylvania 1920
1960: George Worthington, Wisconsin 1909
1959: Robert Jagocki, Penn 1914

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