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Victor B. Scott Award

Victor B. Scott Award 

The Victor B. Scott Award is given annually to the chapter whose academic grade point average most greatly exceeds its College or University's all-men's average. 

Brother Victor Scott presented the scholarship plaque for the purpose of 'creating an incentive on the part of each chapter of the fraternity to strive for higher average in scholarship on the campus on which the chapter was located.' After the merger with Alpha Sigma Phi, an award was named in his honor for outstanding chapter scholarship. The original recipient following the merger with Phi Pi Phi was the Phi Chapter at Iowa State University in 1940. 

We would like to thank Brother Kutz, California '67, for creating the endowment fund to revive this award.

2018 Victor B. Scott Award Recipient

Chapter: Eta Zeta
School: University of Central Arkansas

Eta Zeta earned a combined Chapter GPA of 3.24 last spring, 0.5 above the all-men’s average of 2.74, and earned a Chapter GPA of 3.27 in the Fall, 0.57 above the all-men’s average of 2.7. 

Their academic success, along with other accomplishments, led to their approval to charter this past spring. In honor of this achievement, they will receive $750 in their endowment fund to perpetually aide them in their scholastic endeavors.

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