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Vice President of Alumni and Family Relations

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Roles and Resources 

In Alpha Sigma Phi, the undergraduate chapter is directed by elected or appointed officers. It is important that our officers be responsible and organized to ensure success. In addition to his own role, it is fundamental that each officer understands the other officers' responsibilities as well. Each chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi must have officers to manage all chapter operations. These officers make up the leadership team, which is responsible for ensuring the chapter operates effectively, that the brotherhood remains focused on its goals, and that individual members remain true to the promises they made during membership education and initiation. The following description and resources are made available to ensure that this officer meets his responsibilities and helps the chapter achieve its goals.

The following are resources for use by both undergraduates and alumni. You are encouraged to download and print any of these resources. If you have any questions about the resources listed, would like to recommend an additional resource, or provide feedback about the resources, please email

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