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Wagner College

Alpha Sigma Chapter

 Wagner College
 Founded: November 16, 1926
 Status: Inactive


Individual Awards

Distinguished Merit Award
Corbett, Bradford G. '58 [1980]

Delta Beta Xi
DeLuca, Louis '58 [1970]
Hiel, William T. '26 [1966]
Rogler, Wesley E. '32 [1950]
Stern, Adolph J. '43 [1961]
Tyler, William K. '76 [1985]

Undergraduate Scholar of the Year
Bachowski, Stephen Jr., '75 [1977]

Chapter History

Wagner College was founded in 1884, and moved from Rochester, New York to the former Cunard Estate on Staten Island in 1918. In March 1923, Alpha Kappa Pi was founded. It was the first fraternity established at the college. Jacob's Ladder, a stone fence on a wooded knoll on campus, was the group's original meeting place. The group, with assistance of Rev. Albert H. Wilson, a Sigma Nu, combined with Phi Delta Zeta of Newark College of Engineering to form a national fraternity on May 22, 1926. The Wagner College chapter was designated Beta of Alpha Kappa Pi. It was the first national fraternity at Wagner College. Alumni of the chapter organized a colony at Mr. Airy Seminary, Philadelphia in 1929, but opposition of the institution prevented chartering of that group.

In 1946, merger of Alpha Kappa Pi and Alpha Sigma Phi resulted in re-designation of the chapter as Alpha Sigma of Alpha Sigma Phi. In the 1940's and 50's the chapter's members dominated the college's intercollegiate athletics program and student body offices. The chapter became inactive in 1984. Louis De Luca, Wagner '58 served on the Grand Council. Wesley Rogler, Wagner '32, Adolph Stern, Wagner '43, William Heil, Wagner '26, Louis De Luca, Wagner '58, and William Tyler, Wagner '76, have received the Delta Beta Xi Award. Bradford G. Corbett, Wagner '58, received the Distinguished Merit Award in 1980. Stephen Bachowski, Wagner '75 was Alpha Sigma Phi Scholar of the Year in 1977. The chapter role contains the names of 644 initiates.

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