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West Virginia

Alpha Kappa Chapter

West Virginia
Founded: October 24, 1931; May 18, 1947; April 18, 2015
Status: Active
Ideal Chapter Size: 75  
Conduct History: Health & Safety Violation (2017, 2018, 2019)

Chapter Awards

Alpha Gamma Upsilon Bronze Cup - [2019, 2016]

Chapter History

West Virginia's Chapter was established in 1867 as the land grant university for the state. In 1930 enrollment at West Virginia University was 2,600.

Tau Delta Theta was founded by veterans returning to college in 1919. By March 1931, the group owned a house and had 125 alumni. In Fall 1930, the local fraternity was 4th in academic average of 25 fraternities on the campus. Tau Delta Theta Fraternity was granted a charter as the  Alpha Kappa Chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi in 1931. The chapter house from 1931 to 1936 was at 65 High Street, Morgantown. In 1936 the chapter closed due to effects of the Depression.

Efforts by undergraduates at Beta Delta (Marshall) and Beta Nu (West Virginia Wesleyan) in 1947 led to reorganization of Tau Delta Theta with the goal of restoring of the chapter. The chapter was re-installed on May 18, 1947. The first post-War house was at 154 Fayette Street. By 1952 the house had moved to 146 Wiley Street, Morgantown.  Low membership led to closure of the chapter in 1964. At the time of closure, the chapter's roster contained 201 names.

The Alpha Kappa Chapter at West Virginia was re-chartered on April 18, 2015. The ceremony took place at Mountain Lair Student Union. The keynote speaker was Grand Councilor Mike Waters, Oregon State '73. Staff member Dylan Dunne, Grand Valley '10, assisted in the ceremony. Alpha Sig alum James Faddoul, West Virginia '62, was in attendance. Alpha Kappa's President at the time was Ben Maxon, West Virginia 13.

The Chapter voluntarily withdrew recognition from the University due to concerns over due process as well as other restrictive policies that have stunted growth.

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